Our Story

Kluane Dominique Weibel was born to Richard and Katherine Weibel in Fairbanks, Alaska. From the time she was two, her dream has been to become an architect. In addition to architecture, she finds joy in nurturing plants, and Star Trek: The Next Generation. Paul Jedlicka Gorsuch was born to Paul and Wanda Lea Gorsuch in Great Falls, Montana. He works as graphic designer, and enjoys playing folk music and watching artsy, depressing movies.

The story of how we met and began dating is perhaps better suited to a piece of long-form investigative journalism, rather than a paragraph on a wedding website. So for the sake of brevity, we’ll just say it involved a puzzling text message, a trailer-home dance party, and a banjo. Over three and a half years of dating, we got pretty darn good at dancing, had countless home-cooked dinner dates, and learned a lot about healthy conflict resolution. In April, 2017 we visited Paul’s sister Marie, in her home-away-from-home, South America.

After enjoying the town of Cuzco, Peru, the three of us took a bus to an the Andean village of Cachora, where we began what was supposed to be a relatively easy, twenty-eight mile backpacking trip to the ruins of Choquequirao, a sister city to Machu Picchu. Four days later, we sat on a ledge overlooking the Apurimac River valley, surrounded by French tourists and mules. We were somewhere beyond utterly exhausted, Paul had donated a pint of blood to the local sand-flies, and we were all completely dejected by our failure to actually reach the Choquequirao ruins before having to turn back.

Fortunately, one part of the trip could still go according to plan, so with Marie serving as a surreptitious photo-documentarian, Paul got down on one knee, and asked Klu to marry him.


(While Paul, and Marie, and the French tourists, and the mules, waited with baited breath, Kluane cried, and cried, for a disturbingly long time. Then, almost imperceptibly, she raised her eyes, and said “Yes.”)

The Details


Kluane Dominique Weibel and Paul Jedlicka Gorsuch invite you to take a weekend jaunt to Boulder, MT, to join us as we celebrate the beginning of our lives together. We'll celebrate in classic Montana style, with a ceremony, followed by a hearty reception dinner, followed by dancing and live music late into the night.

A Few Things to Note

  1. Since this is August in Montana, we may be getting married under scorching sun, pouring rain clouds, or even in the midst of a snowstorm (it has happened). We'll move inside after the ceremony, but having a rain slicker wouldn't hurt.
  2. The wedding is at a rural fairgrounds, not the Waldorf Astoria, so wear clothes that won't be ruined when you're kicking up the dust, a.k.a. 'casual formal'.
  3. We're gonna be a little ways away form civilization; there are no Ubers, Lyfts, or (to our knowledge) covered wagon rideshares. If you plan to partake of libations during the reception, make sure you're taking advantage of free onsite camping, or have a designated driver to get you to your lodging.



On-site Camping w/ RV Hookup

Stumbling Distance

The O-Z Motel

0.9 Miles

Elkhorn Mountain Inn

24.5 Miles

Town of Helena

30.1 miles

Helena is the Capitol of Montana, and the birthplace of Gary Cooper. It's historic downtown would be best described as "stunningly quaint," or "adorable." If chain hotels aren't your thing, you can track down a number of cozy Bed & Breakfasts here.

Town of Butte

40.6 miles

Once a legendary mining town, and the birthplace of Evel Kneivel, Butte boasts a truly beautiful historic uptown. Also, an abandoned pit mine that is now possibly the world's largest toxic lake. If you're into history, and don't mind a little grime, you'll love Butte.


In the interest of keeping both ourselves, and our wedding guests sane we've consolidated all our registry items into a single list on Honeyfund. You'll be able to help us out on our yet-to-be-planned South American honeymoon, purchase items to contribute to domestic bliss, or help us (one day in the far-off future) buy a house. Or if you want to give us totally something weird but thoughtful that you, say, carved by hand out of wood, that's great too!


Our final deadline for RSVP is June 11th, 2018. However, if you're able to respond by the end of February, you'll make our caterer's life a little easier. We hope to see you in August!